About Us

At Northwest Hazelnut Company We…

Are committed to being able to process the entire Oregon Hazelnut Industry in 100 days.

With our three sister processing plants, Northwest Hazelnut Company is part of a network of facilities which can process the entire Oregon Hazelnut Industry, including all of the new acres not yet in production, in less than 100 days. Our network has the processing capacity to support the new orchards growing all around us. We will keep expanding as long as growers keep planting.

Invest in Food Safety

Food safety is vital to our industry. At Northwest Hazelnut Company we will continue to lead the way. From new technologies to cutting edge processes to on-going staff training, we place a very high priority on the safety of the products we sell.

Develop new markets and products

Each year Northwest Hazelnut Company expands into new markets with new products. Whether it is selling inshell hazelnuts to new customers in new parts of the world or expanding our line of finished goods, we know that the future of our industry is based on our ability to grow the world-wide market for hazelnuts.